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Year-End Live Optimization

Published by NextAfter

During the week after Christmas, most nonprofits will bring in over 55% of their year-end revenue.

With stakes that high, you can’t afford to make gut decisions about what works to acquire more donations. The only way to know what works is to test it.

In this special live broadcast, Tim Kachuriak, Jeff Giddens, and Brady Josephson optimize year-end donation pages and email appeals based on learnings from over 600 experiments with top nonprofit organizations.


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Cut Through the Clutter

After analyzing 17,263 emails from 151 nonprofit organizations during year-end, we’ve discovered key ways that you can cut through the year-end fundraising clutter, and raise more money.

Learn how you can multiply your impact in the next year by downloading the free research study, Cut Through the Clutter.

Published by NextAfter