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Cultivate Your Donors Without Sending More Appeals

Published by NextAfter

We all know that it’s harder and more expensive to acquire a new donor than it is to retain an existing one. But even so, many organizations suffer from significant donor attrition: many organizations only average a 45% donor retention rate.

With such difficulty retaining donors, it’s critical that nonprofit fundraisers learn how to effectively cultivate existing donors so that they’ll donate again, and give more generously.

In this webinar, Jon Powell and Tim Kachuriak explore 3 tested strategies to cultivate your existing donors that have been proven to increase total donations and average gift sizes. Best of all, these strategies aren’t just for online donors – they can build stronger direct mail donors as well.

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Featured Experiments

Experiment #7533 – Using online channels to cultivate a direct mail donor

Experiment #6404 – Using offline channels to cultivate an online donor

Experiment #5988 – Using online channels to cultivate online donors

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Published by NextAfter