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The Midlevel Donor Crisis

Published by NextAfter

At the end of 2015, we had a hypothesis that most midlevel donors were getting lost in a communication “black hole.”

To see if this was true, we made $1000 donations to 37 different organizations – monitoring and recording the communication sent to our mailbox, email and phone for the next 90 days.

After the data was analyzed, we reached one overarching conclusion: most nonprofit organizations aren’t effectively communicating with their midlevel donors.

In the broadcast below, Tim Kachuriak breaks down the results of this midlevel donor research. Through this broadcast, you will:

  • Discover how most organizations are communicating.
  • Understand the need to  build personal donor relationships.
  • Learn practical and simple ways to effectively nurture your midlevel donors.

The Midlevel Donor Crisis Live Broadcast

Get the Slide Deck and First Access to the Study

View the full slide deck from The Midlevel Donor Crisis, including 182 slides that break down what we learned from making $1000 donations to 37 different nonprofit organizations.

We’ll also be sure that you are the first to get your hands on the final version of The Midlevel Donor Crisis research study when it is released in February 2017.

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People Give to People

People don’t give to websites, donation forms, letters, or even organizations – people give to people. Applying this concept to your fundraising can radically affect the performance of your email marketing, donation pages, and online revenue.

Learn how to humanize your fundraising in this live broadcast from Jeff Giddens.

The Fundraiser’s Creed

We believe that donors want to be known by us, they want to trust the organizations to which they are giving, and that we can never truly know what motivates donors unless we test. The Fundraiser’s Creed is our commitment to treat donors like the complex and unique individuals that they are.

Will you make this commitment with us?

Complete the form below to get your copy of The Fundraiser’s Creed. Share it with your coworkers, use it to inspire your staff, and post it on your wall to remind you of these truths about our donors.

Published by NextAfter