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People Give to People – Humanizing Your Online Fundraising

Published by NextAfter

Our most recent research has uncovered some small tweaks you can make to your email fundraising appeals to radically increase donor response. This research centers around one key principle: people give to people, not organizations or email appeals.

In this broadcast, we’ll show you how:

  • One ministry increased email appeal revenue by 304%
  • A public policy organization increased donations from email appeals by 380%
  • and how another huge nonprofit increased email appeal revenue by 145%

Some of this might be counterintuitive, and it might fly in the face of the “best practices” you’ve heard. But this approach might be so simple that you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it before.

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We believe that donors want to be known by us, they want to trust the organizations to which they are giving, and that we can never truly know what motivates donors unless we test. The Fundraiser’s Creed is our commitment to treat donors like the complex and unique individuals that they are.

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Published by NextAfter