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5 New Experiments to Challenge How You Think About Your Digital Fundraising

Published by Nathan Hill

As a digital fundraiser, every month typically means another appeal to write, a new wave of ad creative to produce, another content calendar to update, and another campaign to plan.

And when your digital fundraising runs on repeat, it’s easy to get stuck doing the same old thing week after week and month-after-month.

But a “good” digital program is the enemy of a “great” digital fundraising program. And if you want to see growth, you must challenge the status quo and test new ideas.

This free webinar will give you 5 new ideas to test in your digital fundraising program this spring.

Testing! Testing!

What You Can Expect in this Free Webinar

During the free webinar, you’ll hear from some of our expert optimizers who have recently conducted brand-new digital fundraising experiments that will challenge how you think about your digital fundraising program.

From copy to design, emails to donation pages, advertising, and more – you’ll walk away with new, concrete ideas that you can put to the test in your own digital fundraising in order to generate more names, donors, and dollars for your organization.

Watch the “5 New Experiments to Challenge How You Think About Your Digital Fundraising” webinar

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Published by Nathan Hill

Nathan Hill is Vice President, NextAfter Institute.