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GivingTuesday Now – What Is It? And How Should You Fundraise?

Published by Brady Josephson

GivingTuesday Now is coming up on Tuesday, May 5th, and there have been a lot of questions about it:

  • What is it?
  • Should you participate?
  • How do you fundraise during GivingTuesday Now?
  • How can you position your messaging?

In the video below, I outline a 3 email series that you can put together (hopefully with ease) to run next week. And even if you don’t have time to create all 3 emails, hopefully it helps generate some ideas for developing your campaign.

3 Emails You Can Send for GivingTuesday Now

You’ll find more details in the video above, but in short, there are 3 emails you can put together for you GivingTuesday Now fundraising efforts.

Email #1 – The Day Before

For this email, your main goal is to educate your subscribers and donors about what GivingTuesday Now is. Make sure they know the purpose, when it’s happening, and how they can get involved.

This is the perfect opportunity to share any specific goals your organization has for GivingTuesday Now, and announce any matching challenges you have (if any).

Then finally, you want to give them the chance to participate right away. No need to wait until “GivingTuesday o’clock” if they’re ready to give now.

Email #2 – The Morning Of

This email is all about you getting in the spirit of giving first. Share a free offer or resource you have with your subscribers and donors in exchange for an email address.

Don’t ask for a donation in this email. Utilize the confirmation page for your email offer as a chance to ask for a donation. When they hit the confirmation page, say “Thanks”, confirm that the offer is on its way to their inbox, and then pivot into your donation ask.

Email #3 – The Evening Of

This final email is a direct donation ask, and a final reminder of the deadline. It can be a forward-style email that reminds the recipient of what you send them in the morning.

Remind them of your goal, the deadline, and the impact they can make when they give.

Finally, make the direct donation ask. Don’t be shy about it. Make sure it’s abundantly clear that you’re asking them to donate.

Want to dive deeper?

If you want to dig into more email examples to get messaging ideas from other organizations, just check out the email section on the COVID-19 Fundraising Dashboard.

And if you want to dive deeper into the 3-email series strategy, you can check out the deep dive webinar from last November called Boost Your Giving Tuesday Revenue Using Content Marketing.

Published by Brady Josephson

Brady Josephson is Managing Director of the NextAfter Institute.