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Does adding specific details lead to more emails?

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A look at how listing out articles in an eBook impacted email acquisition rate

A big driver for Hoover Institution is providing content–eBooks– for downloaders. Hoover Institution tested if adding specifics of an eBook for the potential eBook downloader would actually entice them to sign up.

Hoover institution took two variants to advertise a content offer to acquire new emails. The experiment–ran on a landing page–tested if adding value prop copy for better context for the potential eBook downloaders would increase email signups. The control copy (highlighted below) had a less specific approach which included bulleted summarized statements of what the reader will discover while reading. However, the treatment copy listed specific articles with notable authors of which the reader would actually be reading.

The Result and Learnings

While both variants used the element of exclusivity to acquire new emails, the approach that led to a higher email acquisition rate was the treatment. Focusing more on the value within the eBook–or appeal–the treatment saw an increase of 9% in email acquisition. But however there was an 18% decrease in donations. While the treatment copy of the landing page focused on specifics, the instant donation page that people were directed to did not have any specific copy relevant to the eBook.

Something to take away from this experiment is when using an instant donation page after you presented your audience with a content offer test remaining consistent with your copy. This is a great time for them to be able to learn more about what they are receiving AND learn more about your organization.

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Published by NextAfter