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Online Fundraising Tips from For-Profit Leaders

Published by Riley Young

There’s always room to grow your online fundraising. And at the Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization (NIO) Summit, you’re sure to discover new, innovative online fundraising tips to optimize your efforts and grow revenue for your organization.

The NIO Summit features a stacked line-up of speakers with cutting edge strategies to optimize your organization’s fundraising, along with plenty of encouragement and thought provoking ideas.

These cutting-edge strategies will inspire you to take a more direct, human approach to your digital marketing and fundraising to raise more money for your cause. So go ahead, check them out, and happy optimizing!

Watch the Online Fundraising Tips from NIO Summit

Looking at Google & AI Through a New Lens

Using Google Suggest is a great way to understand what people are searching for and to better understand how to talk to your donors.

Wil Reynolds tackles this and other ways to use Google & AI as a tool to create better online fundraising.

Watch the full session here.

Copy That Crushes Objections and Gets Donations

Telling people what you want them to do to donate isn’t enough.

Amy Harrison explores how to write more persuasive copy to compel folks to give to your cause.

Watch the full session here.

Differentiation Strategy: What It Is, Why It’s Critical, and How to Get It Right

It’s impossible to convince potential donors that your cause is better than another.

In this session, Peep Laja unpacks the importance of clearly articulating how your cause is different from anything else.

Watch the full session here.

Healthy, Actionable Storytelling

Making informed decisions is crucial as you implement testing and optimization into your online fundraising strategy.

But as you gather results, do you really know how to use the data?

Lea Pica discusses taking your online fundraising and marketing data and using it to tell a story that will help you achieve more intentional results.

Watch the full session here.

Want to learn even more online fundraising tips from for-profit leaders?

In this free eBook you’ll get to learn 5 more crucial online fundraising tips from some of the greatest NIO Summit sessions of all time.

The 5 part eBook will help you:

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  • Appropriately address donor concerns
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  • And more

By the end of the ebook, you’ll be equipped to begin implementing new strategies that are sure to reach more donors and raise more money for your organization.

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Published by Riley Young

Riley Landenberger is Audience Engagement Manager at NextAfter.