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Year-End Live Optimization

Published by NextAfter

Year-end fundraising is in full swing. Emails are being written, donation pages finalized, ads designed, and so much more.

The beauty of online fundraising is that there is always time to test a new strategy or tactic. The hard part is knowing what to test and what ideas can lead to more donations and revenue.

That’s why NextAfter’s optimization team is carving out an hour on December 5th at 1pm central time to give you real-time feedback and ideas on your year-end emails and donation pages.

What you can expect to learn durning the year-end webinar

During the free webinar on December 5th at 1pm central time, you’ll learn specific and practical ideas that you can implement that are proven to grow year-end revenue.

Ideas you’ll hear during the webinar include:

  • Who should send your email appeals?
  • What is the best year-end email design?
  • How should you make your year-end donation ask?
  • How much copy should you have on your donation page?

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Additional Resources

General Donation Page Template

The traffic visiting your main donation page has widely varying motivations. As a result, we have to craft a page that addresses the value of a donating to our organization on broad level, while making it easy for someone to give a gift. This free guide will show everything we’ve learned about crafting an effective general donation page for your website.

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Instant Donation Page Template

After analyzing 80+ nonprofit landing page experiments, we’ve identified 13 proven ideas that you can test on your landing pages to increase conversion rates and grow your email file. We’ve organized these 13 ideas into a single template that you can use as guide next time you set create a landing page.

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Cut Through the Clutter with Your Year-End Fundraising

This free eBook will give you 5 year-end fundraising insights from an in-depth analysis of 7000+ emails sent by real organizations during year-end 2018. And then, you’ll find 10 proven strategies that you can implement in your campaign to bring in more donations.

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Published by NextAfter