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The Anatomy of an Effective Email Appeal

Published by NextAfter

For the vast majority of organizations, email is the number one driver of online fundraising revenue.  This is because email is one of few channels where our donors and potential donors have opted in and said “I want to hear from you.”

But as you’re well aware, the average email inbox is full of more messages you want to delete than ones you want to read. And no one checks their email with the hope that someone will ask them for money.

So then, how do we design, write, and create email appeals that…

  • Influence an open?
  • Prompt someone to read?
  • Inspire a click?
  • And convert into donations?

In this live broadcast, Jeff Giddens will show you how to optimize each element of your email appeals in order to inspire more people to donate to your organization’s world-changing cause.

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Published by NextAfter