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The Year-End Donation Page and Other Website Essentials

Published by NextAfter

The best emails, advertising, and copywriting in the world won’t help you be successful this December if your donation page isn’t optimized for year-end. You can’t send all your traffic to your main donation page. You need a dedicated year-end donation page.

Your year-end donation page traffic has a unique motivation – because they’ve most often clicked through from an email or an advertisement with a specific reason to give. So if you want more donors to give on your year-end donation page, your page must align with your donor’s motivation.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the essential elements to help you craft your year-end donation page. You’ll be equipped with ideas to help you:

  • Write better copy for your donation page
  • Design an intuitive page that makes sense to donors
  • Lay out a donation form that reduces friction
  • Increase the sense of urgency using additional page elements

Plus, you’ll be equipped with new ideas you can use across your website to drive more motivated traffic to your donation page to increase your online year-end revenue.

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Learn How to Grow Your Year-End Fundraising With Our Year-End Online Fundraisers Certification Course

A year-end fundraising campaign has the ability to make or break a nonprofit’s impact in the following year. With so much riding on its success, crafting a successful campaign can often be paralyzing – keeping many of us from trying and testing new ideas in order to grow.

In this 4-session year-end fundraising course, you’ll discover tons of new ideas to use to craft a successful year-end fundraising campaign for your organization based on years of research and over 2500+ online fundraising experiments.

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Published by NextAfter