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Introducing the Online Fundraising Scorecard

Published by Tim Kachuriak

We recently published the Online Fundraising Scorecard, a look at the online fundraising practices of 151 national nonprofit organizations. This study included 100 of the top 400 nonprofits in the world — and we were pretty surprised at what we found. If you haven’t downloaded the scorecard yet, you can get your free copy here.

Steve MacLaughlin from Blackbaud called this “one of the most extensive and detailed analyses of online practices used by nonprofits.” Since publishing it, I did a webinar explaining the findings, which you can view below. I know you will find some ideas to optimize your own program in the findings.

Published by Tim Kachuriak

Tim is the Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer for NextAfter. Tim has accomplished a lot over his career between driving online fundraising growth for countless nonprofits, sitting on the board of multiple nonprofits, and being a sought-after international speaker. But his biggest accomplishment may be winning "Best Stage Presence" for the 1991 Pittsburgh Boys Choir.