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4 Keys to Answering Your Donors’ Most Fundamental Question

Published by Riley Young

“Why should I give to you?”

Your donors are asking this fundamental question every time they consider giving. Research shows, however, that most nonprofits are ill-equipped to answer this question across each key marketing and fundraising channel.

And to do so, it’s crucial that you have a strong value proposition that clearly articulates to your donors exactly why they should give to your organization rather than some other organization, or at all.

But this isn’t just your mission or vision statement. 

This webinar will equip you to craft a highly effective value proposition that inspires greater giving.

What you’ll get in the webinar 
In the free webinar, you will discover the importance of:

  • Answering the fundamental question, “why should I give to you?” 
  • How to use 4 key elements to craft an effective answer in your fundraising campaigns 
  • And spend time developing your own organization’s value proposition

Every idea you’ll hear is founded on research and years of experience from 3000+ online fundraising experiments.

Watch the 4 Keys to Answering Your Donors’ Most Fundamental Question Webinar

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Learn how to answer your donor’s most fundamental question on your donation page, in your emails, and more in this 6-session Why Should I Give to You? certification course.

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Published by Riley Young

Riley Landenberger is Audience Engagement Manager at NextAfter.