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5 Ways Your Donation Page Could Be Failing Your Donors

Published by Riley Young

As a fundraiser, you likely have an idealistic picture of what it looks for a donor to give on your donation page:

  • Donors have high trust in your organization
  • They come to your page willing and ready to give
  • They’re looking for an easy, streamlined, transaction
  • And they need lots of options to give in whatever way they like

But the data says that little to none of this is true.

According to M&R’s most recent benchmark, 79% of would-be donors that visit a donation page leave without making a gift.

And when you look at the conversion rates on your own donation page, it’s clear that your donor’s experience is far from idealistic.

But improving your donation page isn’t as simple as finding the right tool, platform, or system. It requires us to listen to our donors and understand their motivations.

In the webinar, you can get 5 tested, proven, and specific ideas to craft a donation page that will:

  • Align with the motivation of your donors
  • Effectively communicate why someone should give
  • Increase donor conversion rates and revenue

Every idea you’ll hear is founded in research from our library of 3,200+ online fundraising experiments – not just gut feelings and best practices.

Watch the 5 Ways Your Donation Page Could Be Failing Your Donors Webinar

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Published by Riley Young

Riley Landenberger is Audience Engagement Manager at NextAfter.