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Optimization Insider: Brian Carroll

Understanding Your Donors' Motivations Using Empathy

Published by Nathan Hill

Empathy is one of the most important tools we have as fundraisers. It helps us understand our donors and communicate more effectively.

When we neglect empathy, we end up focusing on ourselves and our own organization’s goals. When we use an empathetic mindset, we develop fundraising and marketing that provides value to our donors and builds stronger relationships.

Watch this session of the Optimization Insider to learn how you can use empathy to build stronger donor relationships.

About Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll is the best-selling author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale and he manages the B2B Lead Blog. He is also the founder of Markempa, a company focused on helping businesses and nonprofits acquire and grow customer and donor relationships using empathy.

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Published by Nathan Hill

Nathan is the Marketing Director for NextAfter. He spends every day working to help nonprofit organizations discover how testing and optimization can transform their marketing and fundraising, leading to greater impact and organizational growth. He is also a giant Star Wars