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How Nonprofits Use Multichannel Fundraising During Year-End Season

Published by Riley Young

Multichannel donors are worth nearly 3 times as much as someone who only gives online or only through the mail.

And the latest research suggests that nonprofits have lots of room to improve their multichannel communication throughout the year. 

But in this new study conducted in partnership with Virtuous, you’re going to see exactly how nonprofits used multichannel communication during year-end 2020: the biggest giving season of the year.

Get new insights to improve your multichannel fundraising this year end season

In the webinar, you’ll get to preview the key findings from a first-hand analysis of the year-end multichannel communication of 119 nonprofit organizations. You’ll see key insights and takeaways answering key questions like:

  • Are nonprofits using trying to get online donors to give through the mail?
  • How are offline donors being cultivated using online channels like email?
  • If phone calls are so helpful for cultivating donors, are nonprofits actually calling their donors?
  • And much more.

Watch the Year-End Multichannel Fundraising Research Webinar

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Published by Riley Young

Riley Landenberger is Audience Engagement Manager at NextAfter.