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Why Should Hispanics Give to You?

Published by NextAfter

The most fundamental question that all of your fundraising – emails, donation pages, advertising, direct mail, etc. – needs to answer is this:

“Why should I give to you, rather than some other organization, or at all?”

Answering this question effectively is critical to both acquiring new donors and retaining existing donors.

But if you’re not answering this question in a way that is relevant to Hispanics, you’re ignoring one of the most influential people groups in North America.

What You’ll Learn During the Webinar

Ivan Leon, founder of the Kerux Group, has dedicated his work to helping nonprofits communicate more effectively with Hispanics.

And in this free webinar, Ivan will preview a brand-new research study where you’ll see how 57 organizations responded when he asked them, “Why should I give to you?”, as a Hispanic, Spanish-speaking donor.

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Additional Resources

Why Should I Give to You?
(Original Value Proposition Study)

Get a copy of the original nonprofit value propositon study to see how organizations responded when asked “Why should I give to you rather than some other organization, or at all?” across 4 key channels.

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Why Should Hispanics Give to You?
(Preview Report)

Get a free copy of the preview report of the new Why Should Hispanics Give to You? research study published by the Kerux Group.

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What Nonprofits Must Know About Hispanics
(Video Interviews)

Watch sit-down interviews with marketers and leaders from companies including Sprint, PEPSICO, Comcast, Target, and more as they share what you need to know about crafting marketing and communication to Hispanics.

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Published by NextAfter