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Increase Your Matching Gift Revenue: 5 Email Examples

Published by Adam Weinger

Increase Matching Gift Revenue

How well your nonprofit communicates with supporters online sets the tone for the rest of your relationship. After all, since the majority of your interactions with future givers will likely be online, it only makes sense to want to strengthen your email marketing efforts.

Yet, many nonprofits are unaware of the massive fundraising potential email marketing has for your cause, especially when it comes to promoting matching gifts to your supporters.

If you’re unfamiliar with a matching gift campaign, the fundraising strategy works like this: every year, thousands of companies offer corporate matching gifts programs to their employees in which they commit to matching certain donations at a 1:1 (or even 1:2 and sometimes 1:3) ratio.

Your team can leverage smart email marketing strategies to get the word out and promote matching gifts to your donors. Each year, only 7% of donors who work at companies that offer matching gifts successfully submit their match simply because individuals aren’t aware of how gift matching works.

In this article, we’ll go over some examples of how to promote and educate your community about matching gifts through your email communications pipeline. We’ve provided templates for a:

  1. Matching Gifts Explainer Email
  2. Company-Specific Matching Gifts Email
  3. Segment-Specific Matching Gifts Email
  4. Campaign-Specific Matching Gifts Email
  5. Year-End Fundraising Matching Gifts Email

When your supporters are educated and aware of the matching gifts potential their donations have, they’ll be inspired to follow through on completing their match. Let’s dive into these effective match email examples so your team can start boosting your matching gifts fundraising revenue!

Example #1: Matching Gifts Explainer Email

One of the best ways to increase matching gift revenue is to simply connect supporters with the resources they need to find out how to get their gifts matched.

This is why one of your first matching gifts emails should be a concise explainer of what matching gifts programs are, how they work, and the impact they can have on your cause.

Before you craft this email, you should create a matching gifts page on your website like this one from Mercy Corps. Include a matching gift database search tool on this page so donors can check if their employers offer these programs without leaving your website.

Here’s an example from a hypothetical women’s advocacy group:

SUBJECT: Get your donations doubled for free

BODY: Did you know your employer may match your gifts to Lakeside Women’s Group at no cost?

Every year, thousands of companies commit to match employee donations through their corporate giving programs.

Yet, 78% of matching gifts-eligible employees aren’t sure if they qualify for these matches.

Ready to find out if you can make double (or even triple) your impact as a Lakeside Women’s Group supporter? Discover whether or not your company matches gifts by searching our [hyperlink: matching gift program database].

Want to make your gift today? Click the donate button below to make a difference for women across Lakeside County.

[Button: Show Your Support!]

Bonus tip! The best way to make sure supporters open your emails? Optimize your subject lines! Learn more about subject line optimization strategies.

Example #2: Company-Specific Matching Gifts Email

Another great way to convert email list members into matching gift donors is to leverage matching gifts automation technology to preemptively identify matching gift campaign leads in your community. If you can identify donors who work for companies with robust matching gift programs, why not reach out to those donors specifically?

Implement a solution like 360MatchPro to segment email lists by matching gifts eligibilityThen, you can create company-specific matching gift campaign emails to directly address constituents who work for matching gifts companies.

Take a look at how this animal shelter reaches out to employees who work for The Home Depot:

SUBJECT: See your contributions doubled by The Home Depot

BODY: Did you know The Home Depot has a matching gifts program for its employees?

This means that for every donation you make to Averyville Animal Shelter, your company will match that gift up to $1,000 each year!

The average donation we receive from supporters is about $250. That means the average donor could get their gifts doubled 4 times each year.

Whether you’re a full-time or part-time employee, you’re still eligible for this impactful giving program.

Even better, the minimum gift they’ll match is just $25, so you can still benefit from this program if making a larger gift isn’t possible right now.

Ready to learn more about The Home Depot’s matching gifts program? Head over to our [hyperlink: matching gifts database] for more details.

Example #3: Segment-Specific Matching Gifts Email

On a similar note, your matching gifts campaign emails will be strengthened when they feel more personal to the readers who receive them. In other words, the more you tailor your email templates to different constituent segments, the more likely it is they’ll encourage supporters to make a donation and submit a matching gift request.

The best way to ensure your email lists are effectively segmented is to keep clean, accurate data in your donor database. Consider creating email lists segmented by different donor types: the first-time giver, the occasional contributor, the recurring donor, etc.

Consider the way this children’s hospital connects with first-time donors and encourages them to look into their matching gifts eligibility:

SUBJECT: Double your impact with a no-cost employer donation match

BODY: We know you love Franklin Children’s Hospital, so why not maximize your impact?

If your employer offers matching gifts as part of their corporate giving commitments, you could be making double the impact with your contribution to our essential institution.

Every year, billions of potential matched gifts go untouched because donors like you were unaware that they were on the table.

For your latest gift, why not secure a gift match from your company? To see if your employer offers a matching gifts program, [hyperlink: visit our matching gifts database].

The average minimum donation to qualify for a gift match is just $25, so it’s more than likely your gift will be eligible!

Make your latest contribution go further towards sustaining children’s health. Secure your gift match today.

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Example #4: Campaign-Specific Matching Gifts Email

Promoting matching gifts to your email subscribers is a truly effective way to increase the fundraising momentum for specific campaigns, too. As you promote your latest fundraising campaign, be sure to send out tailored matching gifts emails as part of your content calendar.

For example, boosting your matching gifts revenue is a great way to get you closer to your capital campaign’s fundraising goals. Since you’ll need many mid- and high-level gifts to reach your goals, each and every dollar counts.

Check out the way this homeless shelter ties matching gifts in with their ongoing capital campaign:

SUBJECT: Help us expand our shelter faster with matching gifts

BODY: In 2020, we’ll be growing our campus. Get us closer to our goal with matching gifts.

Does your employer offer a matching gifts program? In these corporate giving initiatives, companies match their employees’ gifts to causes like Hopeful Community Shelter.

Find out if you’re eligible for one of these impactful programs by [hyperlink: searching our database].

As we plan for our upcoming expansion, we need all the help we can get to reach our $5 million fundraising goal. These contributions will help build a sustainable campus to house over 500 families in need from the Jackson metro area.

So, are you eligible for an employer matching gifts program? If so, it’s time to get your gifts matched! Whether you’ve already donated this year or are ready to make a contribution, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Bonus tip! Planning a capital campaign? Visit Averill Fundraising Solutions to learn all you need to know about getting your next capital campaign right.

Example #5: Year-End Fundraising Matching Gifts Email

Finally, your team can incorporate a matching gift campaign into your year-end fundraising email marketing. During this bustling online fundraising season, you can encourage more supporters than ever to look into their matching gifts eligibility and secure their gift matches.

Since year-end fundraising is so dependent on tapping into the holiday spirit, you might find it useful to send these messages out right before high-impact fundraising days like Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.

See how this arts organization leveraged year-end fundraising momentum to boost matching gifts:

SUBJECT: Make a bigger impact this holiday season with matching gifts

BODY: Before the year is up, be sure to find out your matching gifts eligibility!

Thousands of companies have matching gifts programs in place to double employee gifts to organizations close to their hearts, like Kelly’s Arts Center.

Your employer may be one of them. Visit [hyperlink: our matching gifts database tool] to find out whether your company has one of these meaningful programs in action.

Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, you can submit your gift match request and double the impact of your donation by the end of the year.

We know money can be tight, and we know that the holidays are often one of the most hectic seasons in your calendar. This is why we want your family to find out if securing a gift match is possible for you.

From our family to yours,

We wish you a joyful holiday season!

With effective email marketing strategies, increasing your matching gifts revenue will be a breeze. Now that you’ve read these match email examples and templates, you’re sure to boost matching gifts at your organization!

Published by Adam Weinger