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12 Year-End Fundraising Techniques Proven to Lift Your Revenue

Published by NextAfter

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, over 19 billion cards, letters, and packages will be mailed. During this same period, every one of us will receive an average of 12,896 commercial emails in our already cluttered inboxes.

With so much communication happening between family, friends, businesses, and organizations – we can’t rely on the same old year-end fundraising practices to grow our year-end revenue.

In order to help you cut through the clutter, we’ve analyzed the fundraising emails of 151 nonprofit organizations over the past 4 years that will help you learn:

  • The best time to send a fundraising email.
  • How many emails you should be sending.
  • How to differentiate your message from everyone else.

Additionally, we’ve conducted 800+ online fundraising experiments to understand exactly what works – and what doesn’t – to get more people to open your emails, click through to donation pages, and donate to your organization.

In this free webinar, Nathan Hill will walk you through everything we’ve learned about year-end fundraising, and share 12 fundraising techniques that will help you cut through the clutter and grow your year-end revenue.

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Published by NextAfter