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The 2020 Small Nonprofit Benchmark Preview

Published by NextAfter

Why should you care how your fundraising compares to other organizations?

At the end of the day, it’s your own bottom line that’s most important – but looking at how other organizations like yours are fundraising can help you set expectations for your own fundraising efforts.

And in this free webinar, you’re going to see the initial insights and results from a brand-new, first of its kind study – conducted in partnership with Network for Good – analyzing the fundraising trends, behaviors, and strategies of small nonprofits.

What to expect from the webinar

In the webinar, you’ll hear from Brady Josephson, the chief researcher for The 2020 Small Nonprofit Benchmark – produced in partnership with Network for Good.

In the first half, you’ll gain insights from a survey of 900 small nonprofits related to:

  • Broader fundraising strategies
  • Investment in online advertising
  • Usage of fundraising tools and platforms

And in the second half, you’ll see what we learned from the fundraising performance metrics of 1800 small nonprofits with insights into:

  • What to expect from your key fundraising metrics
  • Fundraising and donor trends over time
  • What kinds of donors compose the average organization’s donor list

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Published by NextAfter