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21 Proven Elements of an Effective Donation Page

Published by NextAfter

We’ve conducted over 300 donation page experiments over the past 5 years, trying to decode what factors and elements influence the likelihood that someone will donate.

And as it turns out, optimizing donation pages isn’t nearly as simple as getting the right design, the right layout, or the right message.

We first have to ask, what kind of donation page is this?

  • A campaign donation page?
  • A general donation page?
  • An instant donation page?

The answer to this question radically changes the motivation of the visitor and the way you craft your page.

In this webinar, Jon Powell will show you the key differences between these 3 types of donation pages. And in rapid-fire sequence, he’ll walk you through the 21 proven elements of a campaign donation page to help you lift donations this year-end season.

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Campaign Donation Page Template

A campaign donation page is critical to the success of your email appeals, year-end fundraising campaigns, and any fundraising initiative with a specific goal or deadline.

This free template will show you what to test and implement to connect to the motivation of your donor, and inspire a generous donation.

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Published by NextAfter