Nonprofits are resource strapped. There is never enough time, people, or budget available to try new things, test new strategies, and find innovative solutions for growth.

We often consider this issue to be unsolvable and a natural part of working in the nonprofit sector. But in truth, even for-profit companies deal with resourcing issues – and we see for-profits doing innovative work all the time.

What makes a nonprofit uniquely different? And are those differences helping or hurting?

To try and answer this question, we asked 500 nonprofit employees (executives, managers, and practitioners) to take a 3-part assessment examining:

  • Behaviors – a person’s natural instincts, pace, and communication style.
  • Motivators – a person’s values developed over time.
  • Dimensions – how people view their roles and themselves.

The results of this study reveal potential issues in the nonprofit sector related to hiring the right people, developing employees, and retaining talent.

In this free research study, we’ll outline the results and provide specific and applicable practices that you can apply at your organization to optimize your teams – leading to greater results and greater impact.

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