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7 Proven Methods to Acquire More Emails and Grow Your Donor Base

Published by NextAfter

New donors rarely show up out of the blue. There’s always a story of how they learned about your organization, and what ultimately inspired them to donate – usually an experience they had, an article they read, or an email they received.

The problem for most organizations is that the traffic to their website, is leaving without giving any indication of who they are or how to follow-up. And if you can’t follow up, how can you expect to convert them into a donor?

While there are lots of ways to track visitors and retarget them with advertising, the most effective way to follow up and acquire an online donor is with an email address.

In this webinar, Brady Josephson explores 7 unique tactics and strategies that you can use to:

  • Develop a compelling offer
  • Create interruptors that capture your visitors attention
  • Get higher conversion rates on your acquisition pages
  • Acquire more email and expand your donor base

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6 Ways to Grow Your Email File [eBook]

In this free eBook, you’ll find 6 research-driven and proven strategies that you can implement acquire email addresses from your website traffic. By learning how to optimize your email acquisition, you’ll be able to grow your file, expand your donor base, and increase your online revenue.

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Published by NextAfter