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A/B Testing for Nonprofits

Published by NextAfter

Every fundraiser, nonprofit marketer, and so-called “digital expert” has their own opinion about what strategies will increase your donations and revenue. These “experts” often debate basic ideas like:

  • Should your emails have more copy or less copy?
  • Should your landing page use more design or less design?
  • Should your page ask for an email or ask for a donation?
  • Should your donation page use video or no video?

Relying on intuition – even the intuition of an experienced fundraiser – is barely any better than a 50/50 chance. Are you willing to leave something as critical as donations up to chance?

A/B testing your online fundraising strategies is the only way to know what actually works to improve donations.

But the biggest hurdle to running an a/b test is knowing how.

In this free webinar with Jon Powell, you’ll learn the critical steps to setting up and running an A/B test in your online fundraising. You’ll find out:

  • What a/b tests are the most impactful
  • Where to a/b test first
  • How to ensure your a/b tests are valid and reliable

Go Deeper and Get All the Tools You Need in the Free A/B Testing Course

This free, 6 session course on A/B testing will walk you through every detail of designing, crafting, and launching an a/b test that can lead to major growth in your online fundraising. You’ll learn what to test, how measure success, and even how to document and share your learnings in order to showcase your achievements to your colleagues, your peers, and your boss.

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Published by NextAfter