Discover the 3 metrics that impact revenue and show you where to optimize next

There are 3 metrics that define online fundraising success: web traffic, donation conversion rate, and average gift size.

Each one of these metrics has a direct impact on online revenue. If you increase one, your revenue increases. And if you increase 2 or 3 simultaneously, you’ll increase revenue exponentially.

Analyzing the 3 Key Metrics of 155 Organizations

155 organizations sent in their 3 key metrics to help give us a glimpse at how nonprofits are performing in these key areas of online fundraising.

The results are outlined for you in the free research report, 3 Essential Metrics for Online Fundraising Success. In the report, you’ll discover:

  • The top channels for driving online revenue
  • The top channels for engaging donors online
  • 3 practical ways to optimize each essential metric
  • How your online fundraising compares to other organizations by traffic size and vertical

Discover where to start optimizing with this free report

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