Friction is one of the biggest killers of your online donations.

In fact, the latest benchmark from M&R says that only 22% of donation page visitors actually give. That means we’re failing almost 8 out of 10 would-be donors.

And friction is often the killer.

Diagnose and eliminate friction on your donation page using this free checklist

Friction is difficult to diagnose on your own. But it’s likely that there are elements on your page that are causing confusion, frustration, or anxiety for your donors.

This checklist will walk you through 8 common types of friction that often slow donors down and keep them from giving including:

  • Field layout friction
  • Decision friction
  • Waiting friction
  • Error friction
  • and more.

If you can diagnose and eliminate these elements of friction, you’ll have a better chance of growing your online revenue.

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