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Essential Fundraising Lessons We Learned Through Failure

Published by NextAfter

Many fundraising consultants and agencies will tell you that they have all the answers to grow your donor file, and lift your online fundraising revenue.

But the reality is that the only fundraising experts are our donors.

And often times, some of the most powerful and essential learnings about our donors come from testing an idea and discovering that it doesn’t work.

Failed tests like this show us that we don’t know as much about our donors as we thought we did. And they force us to ask “Why?” and discover what truly works to inspire generosity.

In this live broadcast, Tim Kachuriak explores the essential fundraising lessons that we learned from tests that failed. These learnings often fly in the face of “best practices” and further confirm the need to listen to our donors.

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19 Proven Ways to Optimize Your Donation Page

General Donation Page Template

After running hundreds of tests on donation pages, we’ve discovered 19 proven ways to optimize an effective donation page. Download the free donation page template to discover what you should test on your donation page in order to lift conversion rates and grow your online revenue.

Published by NextAfter