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The State of Modern Philanthropy 2019: Trends in Return Donor Behavior Webinar

Published by NextAfter

55% of an organization’s donors will not give to them again next year.

But can marketers and fundraisers really find and acquire enough new donors to replenish 45% of their supporters every single year? Or is there a way to engage and retain these existing donors better?

In a brand-new report, The State of Modern Philanthropy 2019: Trends in Return Donor Behavior, the data science team at Classy analyzed the patterns and behaviors of donors that do return.

During the webinar, you’ll discover valuable insights into:

  • Giving Gateways and Donor Demographics: Are return donors giving in a similar fashion between gifts?
  • Campaign Type Interactions: Do donors typically return to the same campaign type they first donated to?
  • Follow-up Behavior: What are the most common follow-up actions a one-time donor takes?
  • Time Between Interactions: How soon should you be re-engaging with your donors after their first gift?

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Download the State of Modern Philanthropy Report

The 2019 State of Modern Philanthropy Report from Classy outlines current trends in returning donor behaviors, and provides new insights on how you can improve donor retention rates.

Download the Full Report

Listen to Dr. Ben Cipollini and Monic Finch on the Generosity Freakshow Podcast

Dr. Ben Cipollini and Monica Finch, two data scientists from Classy, came on the Generosity Freakshow podcast to chat about the new State of Modern Philanthropy Report, donor retention strategies, and even a little bit about dating advice. Have a good laugh and get a few new donor retention ideas to test by listening to this episode.

Listen to the Podcast

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Published by NextAfter