The Canadian Online Fundraising Scorecard is a groundbreaking study that looks at charitable giving in Canada by capturing and analyzing the online fundraising habits and donor experiences of 152 Canadian charities. These results shine a light on the gap between known best practices in online fundraising and what is actually occurring.

The Canadian Online Fundraising Scorecard will review 3 critical  areas of online fundraising process:

  • Email Signup
  • Email Fundraising
  • Online Giving Experience

In addition to those three areas, this study also seeks to answer questions like:

  • What happens after someone signs up for email or makes a donation?
  • What are the most common gift array’s being used?
  • What is the mobile giving experience like?
  • Are organizations asking for monthly donations?

Our Process

Instead of asking donors what their online giving experience is like, we  “interviewed” 152 charity websites by signing up for email communications and scoring the process. Then, we analyzed the follow-up communications and gave $25 when/if we were asked. We captured and reviewed the donation page and giving experience before looking at the thank-you communications, timing, and content of the stewardship process. 

In total, we looked at 921 web pages and 1,234 emails and scored each organization on 44 key indicators to arrive at letter grades — per area and overall. From all this, you’ll be able to learn what these top nonprofits did well — and what they missed completely — while gaining new ideas and insights for your own fundraising.

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