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4-Steps to Acquire More Online Donors

Published by Naymal Mehmood

Nonprofits have a major problem with retaining donors. And there is almost no organization that is immune. In fact, only 60% your multi-year donors are going to give to you again this year.

And online donor retention may be as low as 36%.

You don’t need an advanced math degree to figure out that those retention rates are a big problem for your fundraising performance.

In the absence of a proven formula to fix donor retention, acquiring new donors has become the primary strategy to fill in the gaps and continue to grow revenue.

And the biggest opportunity for new donor acquisition is in online giving.

Your Proven 4-Step Process to Acquire Online Donors

In this free webinar you’ll discover:

  • Why online donor acquisition has so much potential revenue potential
  • A tested and proven model to acquire new donors online
  • The potential revenue impact of instant and downstream donors
  • Proven techniques to optimize every step of the process

Watch the “4-Steps to Acquire More Online Donors” Webinar

Additional Resources

This Facebook Ad template is not designed to get you more Facebook followers, likes, comments, and clicks. This template is based on proven learnings from 537 a/b tested Facebook ad campaigns and is designed to help you:

  • Target Facebook users most likely to give to you
  • Convert Facebook users into new email subscribers
  • Convert new subscribers into new donors instantly
Get free copy of Facebook Ad Template

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Published by Naymal Mehmood