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The Death of Google Optimize and What it Means for Your Nonprofit

Published by Riley Young

One month into 2023, the state of digital fundraising seems bleak. 

Most nonprofits saw declining digital fundraising performance in 2022. Many new donors who came in during 2021 didn’t come back. And Google Optimize, the primary tool that digital-first organizations are using to drive better results, is going away in September.

For many organizations, testing and optimization has been the lifeblood to support growing digital fundraising efforts. It’s the primary means of decoding what actually works to inspire more donors to give. 

Without Google Optimize at your disposal to power your testing efforts, the next best option is to pay for expensive enterprise tools like Optimizely. But you and I know that this isn’t feasible for most nonprofits.

What’s the path forward? And how do you continue to test your way to digital fundraising growth in a Google-Optimize-less world?

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Published by Riley Young

Riley Landenberger is Audience Engagement Manager at NextAfter.