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How 140 Other Organizations Have Responded to the War in Ukraine

Published by Naymal Mehmood

These past couple of years have been full of crisis after crisis. And after the time that has passed, it’s understandable to feel burnt-out and more inclined to ignore the news headlines.

But as a fundraiser, it can be confusing. It feels important to address what’s going on in our world, but how do you do that if what’s going on in our world isn’t directly related to your cause?

And even if it’s related, where do you find the balance between asking for donations and educating/building awareness?

You’ll get help answering those questions in this free webinar where you’ll discover how 140 organizations have responded (or not) to the war in Ukraine.

What you’ll get in the upcoming webinar 
In the free webinar, you will discover answers to the following: 

  • How do other organizations respond when there’s a crisis in the world?
  • What type of emails did organizations responding to the war in Ukraine send?
  • How do I address a crisis in my own fundraising efforts?

And every thing you’ll hear is back by data from over 3,200 experiments in online fundraising.

Watch the “How did 140 organization responded to the war in Ukraine” Webinar

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Published by Naymal Mehmood