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A Mystery Donor’s Look at the Online Giving Experience and Email Communications of 630 Organizations in 9 Countries

Published by Brady Josephson

What are organizations around the world doing to get and engage email subscribers and online donors?

That was the main research question behind The Global Online Fundraising Scorecard, done in partnership with, with the goal to better understand the current state of online fundraising across the globe.

To do this, we became an Email Subscriber and Online Donor to 630 organizations across 10 industry verticals and 6 languages in 9 countries capturing and analyzing our experience along the way.

You’ll find different ways to dive into the research and get ideas and inspiration for your own fundraising but in the end, we discovered 8 key findings that are opportunities for organizations to improve their online fundraising:

  1. There are still many challenges to simply sign up for email, complete and online donation, and receive emails.
  2. Organizations need to provide better reasons for website visitors to sign up to receive email updates.
  3. “Thank you” and confirmation pages are underused, but particularly after email sign ups.
  4. Cultivation through email is underutilized.
  5. Donation pages need to provide more compelling reasons to give.
  6. There is still too much friction in the online giving experience.
  7. Emails being sent could be “humanized” and more personal.
  8. Recurring giving remains an opportunity.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the interesting things we discovered in a handy infographic:

That’s really just scratching the surface on the largest, most expansive research study we’ve done to date — there were 97,000 unique data points for example — but if you want to dig deeper you can…

Discover the Global Online Fundraising Research in many other ways

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Download your own copy of The Global Online Fundraising Scorecard to discover all the things we learned from 535 email signups, 585 online donations, and 5,976 email communications. You’ll also get user experience benchmark data on a country-by-country basis, access to examples of donation pages and emails from organizations around the world, and see real experiments with nonprofits.

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Mia Rodrigues shares why Salesforce chose to do this research in partnership with NextAfter and Brady previews The Global Online Fundraising Scorecard data and shares the 8 key takeaways. In the end, Brady and Nathan answer questions about the data and online fundraising tools and best practices.

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Analyze the data yourself

The data dashboard gives you a hands-on way to analyze the Global Online Fundraising Scorecard data on your own. See how your organization matches up to other organizations around the world and explore all of the data points including:

  • Email sign-up experience
  • Donation page
  • and email communications experience
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Listen to the Podcast

Brady chats with John Jensen, Senior Director of Nonprofit Insights at, about the new research in the Global Online Fundraising Scorecard and the data that stood out most to them.

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Published by Brady Josephson

Brady Josephson is Managing Director of the NextAfter Institute.