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Doin’ It Right: A/B Testing for Nonprofits

Published by Riley Young

If you are trying to grow your fundraising without a/b testing, you’re living in the stone age. 

The only way to truly know what works to increase email response, advertising performance, email acquisition, and – most importantly – donations is to optimize using a/b testing. 

While a/b testing doesn’t have to be overly complex, many fundraisers struggle to get started. In fact, many fundraisers say they “are testing”, but don’t have a full understanding of what it takes to run an effective and meaningful experiment.

Make a Transformational Difference in Your Fundraising Efforts with this free webinar

In this free webinar on a/b testing for nonprofits, you will learn:

  • The power of a/b testing to grow your fundraising
  • What makes for an effective and meaningful a/b test
  • 3 a/b tests to run first in order to boost your results

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Additional Resources

Dive deeper into the step-by-step process of creating your own a/b test in this free workbook. You’ll walk through each step discussed in the webinar, have space to write down your ideas and metrics, and by the end be ready to launch your test.

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Published by Riley Young

Riley Landenberger is Audience Engagement Manager at NextAfter.