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“Ask Me Anything” About Online Fundraising

Published by NextAfter

For a fundraising executive trying to figure out how to grow a fundraising program, the most common area of untapped potential is in online fundraising.

But there are so many questions to answer about how to drive significant revenue through online channels:

  • Which channels do you start with?
  • Is Facebook fundraising something worth investing in?
  • Isn’t online fundraising just for younger audiences?
  • Will online fundraising just cannibalize my direct mail fundraising?

For a fundraiser running the day-to-day campaigns, setting up emails, writing copy, etc. – there’s a constant need to know what actually works to improve day-to-day results:

  • How often should I send emails?
  • Do I need more copy on my donation page?
  • How do I get more donations from my social media posts?
  • How do I get more donors to open my emails?

What You Can Expect In This “Ask Me Anything” Webinar

In this live webinar, you have the chance to ask any of your online fundraising questions to a team of NextAfter optimizers – who will give you answers based on:

  • Learnings from 2,500+ online fundraising experiments
  • 15+ years of experience growing online fundraising for major nonprofits
  • 10+ first-hand research studies analyzing online fundraising trends and tactics

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Get Certified in Online Fundraising Optimization

Learn the fundamental principles of online fundraising optimization that can lead to major growth in your online fundraising and revenue – and do so with a live instructor, classmates, and Q&A time – in a live virtual certification workshop on May 27th.

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Other Resources Mentioned in the Webinar

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Email Subject Line Worksheet – This downloadable worksheet will help you utilize 5 key mental levers in your subject lines that are proven to increase open rates.

NextAfter Institute Courses – If you want to go deeper on any of these topics, check out the certification courses available to you at

Published by NextAfter