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5 Secrets Your Direct Mail Agency Doesn’t Want You to Know

Published by NextAfter

Most nonprofit fundraisers and marketers have a similar perception of their direct mail agencies: there’s some magical secret to success that only your agency knows about.

But here’s the truth…

There is no secret sauce to direct mail fundraising.

And in this free webinar with Mile 19 – the “un-agency” helping nonprofits bring direct mail in-house – Tracy and Karen will reveal 5 specific secrets that your direct mail agency doesn’t want you to know including this:

You are capable of running your direct mail in-house.

By the end of the webinar, you’ll know the “secrets” behind the magic of direct mail fundraising, and you’ll learn 3 specific direct mail ideas that you can test to optimize your response rates and direct mail results.

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More about Mile19

Mile19 is an “un-agency” helping nonprofit cut the big overhead of direct mail agencies – empowering and equipping organizations to bring their direct mail programs in house. You can find out more about Tracy, Karen, and how they might be able to help you bring your direct mail program in-house at

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Published by NextAfter