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7 Ways That Empathy Can Grow Your Donor File

Published by NextAfter

Build stronger donor relationships and acquire more donors than ever before through this live broadcast

Today’s fundraising environment is a paradox. Online marketing gives us more opportunities than ever to reach new donors; yet actually growing your donor file is more difficult than ever before.

Traditional online marketing tactics don’t lend themselves well to actual donor growth, because a fundraising relationship really begins with empathy. This means stepping out from behind the marketing automation and making real connections with your donors.

On Thursday, August 11, Brian Carroll – former Chief Evangelist at MECLABS and best-selling author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale – shared 7 ways you can use empathy in your fundraising to grow your donor file.

Learn the 7 ways that you can use empathy to grow your donor file by watching the full broadcast below.

Download a copy of the slide deck to share with your colleagues.

Why Should I Give to You?

In this new study, Why Should I Give to You?, we went to 127 of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world and we asked “Why should I give to you, rather than some other organization, or not at all?” across four different channels:

  • On the main donation page of their web site
  • Through direct email using the organization’s “Contact Us” form
  • On social media through a direct message on Facebook
  • On the phone by calling the main number listed on their web site

You can view the results of all of this research as well as 16 case studies conducted with other nonprofits that illustrate the impact of the value proposition on your fundraising by downloading the free 115-page study, “Why Should I Give to You?” The Nonprofit Value Proposition Index Study.

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Published by NextAfter