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How Has COVID-19 Impacted Online Fundraising?

Published by Nathan Hill

The onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic has thrown nonprofit fundraisers for a loop.

Some fundraisers have stopped asking for donations altogether. Some are just being incredibly cautious. Others are going all in and making donation asks that feel disingenuous or opportunistic.

And the truth is that no one knows exactly what to do. We’re all asking similar questions:

  • Is it even appropriate to be asking for money right now?
  • How are other organizations fundraising during the pandemic?
  • Can you expect people to give during a down economy?

While there is no playbook for how to respond in this pandemic, we can consult the data to analyze current online fundraising response and see how 156 organizations are communicating in their email fundraising.

How 156 Organizations Are Fundraising During the Pandemic

In this webinar, Tim Kachuriak (founder of NextAfter) is going to share with you what he’s learned by analyzing the current email fundraising trends of 156 nonprofits.

Pairing that with first-hand Google Analytics data from 90 nonprofits, you’ll see what you can expect from your online fundraising efforts, discover how often others are communicating, and get inspiration for your own emails and messaging.

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Check out the COVID-19 Fundraising Dashboard For Yourself

Explore the COVID-19 Fundraising Dashboard and see how different nonprofit verticals are communicating and fundraising online. You can monitor web traffic, analyze email types being sent out, and even see real email examples to get ideas for your own messaging.

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Published by Nathan Hill

Nathan Hill is Vice President, NextAfter Institute.