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How Does Your Direct Mail Program Stack Up to the Rest?

Published by Riley Young

Many fundraisers may believe that mail is a thing of the past; however, the data shows that running effective multichannel fundraising creates donors that are 3 times more valuable than online only donors.

And with so much potential riding on effective multichannel marketing, you’d think most organizations would have it totally figured out. But this recent Donor Journey Study found that there is still plenty of room to optimize the use direct mail.

The data and testing we’ve done at NextAfter have taught us a lot about the digital experience of donors. But when it comes to direct mail and using multichannel strategies to build better donor experiences, we don’t have all the answers.

That’s why we’ve brought in our friends and direct mail experts from Mile19 Marketing to share their findings from testing the direct mail program of 108 nonprofit organizations.

What you’ll get in the webinar 
In the free webinar, you’ll discover new ideas to build a more effective direct mail program and answers to key questions like: 

  • How are other organizations sending receipts and giving thanks to their donors?
  • What’s the standard for direct mail cultivation?
  • How can my organization create a better donor experience? 

Every idea you’ll hear is founded on research and years of experience from the folks at Mile19 Marketing – not just gut feelings and best practices.

Watch the How Does Your Direct Mail Program Stack Up to the Rest? Webinar

Additional Resources

Get your own copy of the Donor Journey Study so you can dive deeper into the findings from the donor experience of 108 different nonprofits to discover things like:

  • Nuances between being a “general donor” and a “mid-level donor”
  • The standards for receipting, thank you’s, and welcome packages
  • How often organizations are sending newsletters
  • And more
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Published by Riley Young

Riley Landenberger is Audience Engagement Manager at NextAfter.