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3 Perspectives of Year-End Fundraising – The Generosity Freakshow

Published by Brady Josephson
The Generosity Freakshow · 3 Perspectives of Year-End Fundraising

In this special episode of The Generosity Freakshow you’ll get 3 perspectives of year-end fundraising.

The episode begins by chatting with Nathan Hill, Marketing Director at NextAfter, taking a look at new research and an overview of new training and resources to help you with your year-end fundraising.

Then, Brady sits down with Woodrow Rosenbaum, Data and Insights Lead for Giving Tuesday, to talk about donor fatigue, what to expect for Giving Tuesday and how its grown over the years.

Finally, we will dive into the nonprofit perspective with Ardee Coolidge, Director of Marketing Communications at CareNet, and learn what he’s seen over the past few years for year-end fundraising, what he’s learned along the way, and what he’s going to test and try this year.

Nathan Hill 3:19
Woodrow Rosenbaum 27:00
Ardee Coolidge 1:00:15

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Published by Brady Josephson

Brady Josephson is Managing Director of the NextAfter Institute.