Courtney Gaines

Senior Vice President

Courtney Gaines serves as Senior Vice President of NextAfter. Courtney’s extensive non-profit background fuels her desire today to help non-profits recognize the value they add to people’s lives. She’s created marketing strategies for state and national government initiatives in Minnesota and North Dakota and cultivated a new direction for how religious organizations market themselves during her time at a multi-site mega church in Chicago.

Courtney loves to help nonprofits innovate and optimize their fundraising and marketing—which led her to NextAfter. Before she joined the team, she led the digital marketing and fundraising for a $110MM radio, publishing, and education nonprofit. During her time there, Courtney championed a donor-centric, data-driven, perpetual optimization philosophy. She has developed and directed multiple innovative, multi-channel fundraising and content marketing campaigns and led an enterprise content strategy.

Courtney loves people and is passionate about bringing them together to form collaborative relationships and organizational thriving. She currently resides in Frisco, Texas with her two sons.