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How adding a banner to a donation page with a button to accelerate the process impacts donor conversion

Experiment ID: #169403

Canadian Taxpayers Federation

A not-for-profit citizen's advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government.

Experiment Summary

Timeframe: 02/06/2024 - 03/04/2024

For highly motivated traffic coming to a main donation page from the homepage donate button in the top right corner, we hypothesized that giving them a chance to skip over the copy on the donation form and go straight to the gift frequency and gift array selections without having to read the donation page would reduce friction in the process that we know they initiated by arriving on this page. We had tested into having shorter copy on this page to help get the form above the fold, but wondered how else we could escalate the process and reduce the work involved for visitors here.

Research Question

We believe that adding a button to begin the donation for main donation page visitors will achieve an increase in donor conversion because there will be reduced friction present for visitors who are already motivated to give.


C: Control
T1: Banner


 Treatment NameConv. RateRelative DifferenceConfidenceAverage Gift
C: Control 22.2%$28.01
T1: Banner 23.7%6.7% 72.2%$25.45

This experiment has a required sample size of 6,115 in order to be valid. Unfortunately, the required sample size was not met and a level of confidence above 95% was not met so the experiment results are not valid.

Key Learnings

The key learning from this experiment is that adding a button to begin the donation process for main donation page visitors can potentially increase donor conversion rates. The treatment group saw a 6.7% increase in transactions compared to the control group. However, the statistical confidence level of 72.2% is below the generally accepted threshold of 85%, meaning that the results may not be reliable and should not be solely relied upon for future decision-making.

In future experimentation, it would be beneficial to further explore ways to reduce friction for motivated visitors on the donation page. This could include streamlining the donation process, providing clearer calls to action, or optimizing the layout of the page to make it easier for visitors to navigate and complete their donation. It is important to continue testing and iterating on different strategies to improve donor conversion rates, while also ensuring that the results are statistically valid before implementing any changes permanently.

Experiment Documented by Rebekah Josefy
Rebekah Josefy is an Optimization Director at NextAfter.

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