Reasons to Believe

How including an Impact Callout on a Gift Array Impacts Average Gift and Donor Conversion

Experiment ID: #172510

Reasons to Believe

Experiment Summary

Timeframe: 03/19/2024 - 03/27/2024

Reasons to Believe’s paid acquisition efforts are primarily based around free resources. These offers often have no problem gaining traction at the ad level, and they maintain health conversion rates on the landing page and donation page as well. However, a low average gifts has consistently dragged down ROI despite those other data points. After running experiments on the gift array like a “Most Popular” callout to middling results, we identified a different approach for this test. Past wins on RTB’s donation page have often focused the copy around impacting others — we know this audience likes the resources — and are motivated by the prospect of RTB getting them to more people.

Based on this, we hypothesized that highlighting the $50 amount again, but this time with an Impact Callout rather than a “Most Popular” callout would increase average gift.

Research Question

We believe that an impact callout on the $50 amount for potential donors on acquisition donation pages will achieve an increase in average gift and revenue because donors will be more likely to convert at higher amount if the impact of that gift is outlined..


C: Control
T1: Select $50 + Impact Callout


 Treatment NameConv. RateRelative DifferenceConfidenceAverage Gift
C: Control 1.4%$34.00
T1: Select $50 + Impact Callout 3.9%174.5% 96.1%$37.29

This experiment has a required sample size of 323 in order to be valid. Since the experiment had a total sample size of 707, and the level of confidence is above 95% the experiment results are valid.

Flux Metrics Affected

The Flux Metrics analyze the three primary metrics that affect revenue (traffic, conversion rate, and average gift). This experiment produced the following results:

    0% increase in traffic
× 174.5% increase in conversion rate
× 9.7% increase in average gift
201.1% increase in revenue

Key Learnings

The key learning from this experiment is that highlighting the impact of a donation can significantly increase average gift size and revenue. By focusing on how the donor’s gift can make a difference, we were able to see a 174.5% increase in transactions for all traffic with a 96.1% statistical level of confidence.

Although the original metric targeted for this test, average gift, was relatively similar between control and treatment. The underlying goal of driving revenue and improving ROI was still achieved by the sheer increase in donor conversion. What this indicates is that even if a user could not commit to $50, they were more likely to give still having the impact of a donation to RTB clearly outlined.

In future experimentation, we should continue to emphasize the impact of donations in our messaging. By clearly outlining how a donor’s contribution can benefit others, we can motivate donors to give at higher levels. This approach not only helps increase average gift size but also fosters a stronger connection between donors and the cause, potentially leading to higher donor retention rates.

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