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How reducing navigation affects donor conversion

Experiment ID: #4903

Americans for Prosperity

Experiment Summary

Timeframe: 08/02/2016 - 09/08/2016

Americans for Prosperity Foundation was preparing to launch a website redesign. In the few weeks they had before launch, wanted to run a quick donation page experiment to see if they could lift conversion.

The current donation page had a large navigation menu at the top that gave the visitor plenty of opportunities to leave the page before making a gift. They knew that removing these would prevent “unsupervised thinking” and they hypothesized that it would increase conversion.

They used Adobe Target to create a treatment with this navigation removed, and launched an A/B test to measure the winner.

Research Question

Will removing donation page navigation increase donor conversion?


C: With Navigation
T1: Without Navigation


 Treatment NameConv. RateRelative DifferenceConfidence
C: With Navigation 0.70%
T1: Without Navigation 2.1%195.1% 86.4%

This experiment has a required sample size of 583 in order to be valid. Since the experiment had a total sample size of 623, and the level of confidence is not above 95% the experiment results are not valid.

Key Learnings

The treatment with no navigation produced a 195.1% increase in conversion, although the results came just short of statistical validity. They ended the test before arriving at validity to launch the new site, although the test will be repeated with the new design.


Experiment Documented by Jeff Giddens
Jeff Giddens is President of NextAfter.

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