FCORM Results

The Flux Capacitor of Online Revenue Maximization

The Flux Capacitor of Online Revenue Maximization (FCORM) is a tool that measures the key metrics that drive online revenue. Online revenue is a function of only three components: Web Site Traffic, Donation Conversion Rate, and Average Gift. Each component directly affects revenue, and when managed correctly, small incremental improvements for each component can greatly impact the bottom line.

Potential Impact on Revenue

The FCORM is a predictive model that helps marketers to develop a strategic approach to growing revenue. By identifying areas where your program may be leaking, the FCORM allows you to run different scenarios to measure the revenue impact of improving one or more of the key metrics. As the example below suggests, developing a strategy of convergence—focusing on improving all three of the key metrics at the same time—you can experience an exponential increase in revenue.

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