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How does my organization compare to others? That's one of the most commonly asked questions we get and just one of the many questions we answered for you with the Canadian Online Fundraising Scorecard.

 In this webinar at 1pm CT on June 27th, 2018, we'll share with you what we learned from 152 Canadian charities in four key areas:

  • Email Signup 
  • Email Communication
  • Online Giving Experience
  • Gift Acknowledgement

About the Presenter

Courtney Gaines
Senior Director of Optimization

Brady Josephson
VP of Innovation & Optimization

Brady is a charity nerd, entrepreneur, digital marketer, professor, and writer. He's also the lead researcher/author of the Canadian Online Fundraising Scorecard.

His work and writing have been featured in CBC, Christianity Today, NPR, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy among others.

Brady lives just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Based on the research, you'll see:

  • The  biggest mistakes on donation pages
  • What the largest areas of opportunity in the email signup process are
  • How you can best stand out from other organizations in a crowded donor inbox.

Our Process

Instead of asking donors about their online giving experience, we  “interviewed” 152 charity websites by signing up for email communications and scoring the process.

Then, we analyzed the follow-up communications and gave $25 when we are asked. While giving, we analyzed 29 different items in each charity's online giving funnel. Finally, we scored the timing and content of the charity's thank-you and follow up communications.

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The State of Online Fundraising in Canada

What We Learned About Online Fundraising From Donating to 152 Canadian Charities