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Grow Your Business as We Unleash Greater Generosity Together

At NextAfter, we have an ambitious vision: to unleash the most generous generation in the history of the world. And we know full well that we can’t accomplish this task on our own.

We need partners like you to help reach more people with what works to grow giving. But we also know that it has to make sense for you, your business, and your bottom line.

Below, you’ll find several ways that we can partner together that accomplish two main goals:

  1. Each partnership option helps you reach more innovative fundraisers and marketers who could benefit for you services, platform, or tool.
  2. Each partnership helps make tested, proven, and data-driven resources available to more fundraisers to help them increase results and grow giving.

Explore the partnership options below, and then use the form at the bottom to get some additional details and start a conversation about how can work together to unleash generosity.

Content Partnerships | Reach More People with Research & Training

There are 3 main ways we can join together to reach more innovative fundraisers with data-driven research and training.

Primary Research Partnership

As a research study partner, we’ll produce a co-branded, original research study providing nonprofit fundraisers and marketers with insights on how nonprofits are reaching more people, acquiring more donors, and growing giving.

Previous research has included in-depth, mystery-donor analysis of recurring giving, multi-channel fundraising, global fundraising trends, and more.

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Premier Online Course Partnership

As a premier online course partner, you’ll help us reach more people with in-depth, data-driven, and proven training that can make a dramatic impact on a nonprofit’s fundraising and marketing results.

These courses are normally $299, but your partnership and sponsorship will allow us to make them free – driving new leads for your business and equipping more fundraisers.

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Featured Partner & Webinar Sponsorship

As a featured partner of the NextAfter Institute, we’ll feature you on our courses website and give you a chance to distribute a thought-leadership resource to our growing community of email subscribers (45k+).

Additionally, we’ll list you as a sponsor of an upcoming NextAfter webinar while allowing registrants to opt-in to hear more about your products and services.

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Conference Sponsorship at the Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit

The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit is the premiere online fundraising & digital marketing conference for nonprofits.

Attracting innovative fundraisers and decision-makers across nonprofit verticals, you’ll find yourself amongst friends (as well as your target market) when you sponsor the NIO Summit.

Watch the video to see how the NIO Summit can help your business reach more of the right people than any other nonprofit conference.

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Take a look at all the options for partnering with us this year. You’ll find more info about what’s included with each partnership as well as pricing and availability.