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How communal language on a high-urgency campaign sticky bar affects revenue

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FamilyLife® has been committed to helping individuals find biblical help for their marriage and family relationships. Through the Weekend to Remember® marriage getaways, FamilyLife Today® radio broadcasts, The Art of Marriage® video event, and the many other resources and content, God has used FamilyLife to restore hope for millions of couples and transform their lives.

Experiment Summary

Timeframe: 05/07/2021 - 05/30/2021

FamilyLife was running a matching gift campaign with a focus on recurring giving. Since communal language—copy that shows the reader that they are united with the organization in the most important beliefs and causes that they care for, all spoken with a familiarity of friends—works well for other faith-based organizations. We’d seen lifts of donations and revenue during high-urgency campaign and wanted to test if this would benefit FamilyLife as well. We tested a 50/50 split in traffic on their website.

Research Question

Communal language will increase revenue during a high urgency campaigns.


C: Urgency Language
T1: Communal Language


  Treatment Name Revenue per Visitor Relative Difference Confidence Average Gift
C: Urgency Language $0.68 $100.47
T1: Communal Language $0.81 18.6% 83.0% $116.40

This experiment was validated using 3rd party testing tools. Based upon those calculations, a significant level of confidence was not met so these experiment results are not valid.

Key Learnings

Overall, there was a directional lift in revenue. This did not fully validate because of the 23% decrease in revenue for new visitors that pulled down the full validation of a 59% increase in revenue for returning visitors.

Our hypothesis is that communal language, invoking the tone of friendship and care, works very well with returning visitors because they are more closely acquainted with the organization. Whereas a intimate tone with a new acquaintance will not resonate.

Observations of the impact on other visitor segments in the experiment:

  • Organic Search visitors had a 21.5% increase in revenue with an 86% level of confidence.
  • Paid Search visitors had a 57.7% decrease in revenue with a 98% level of confidence.
  • Referral visitors had an 89.5% increase in revenue with an 88% level of confidence.

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