Average Gift Size Optimization

Average Gift Size OptimizationThere are three key metrics that are instrumental in growing revenue in any online fundraising program: traffic, conversion rate, and average gift size. As each one of these key metrics increases, so does revenue. If any of them decrease, revenue decreases. Average gift size optimization is one of the hardest types of optimization to validate, but the payoff can be exponential.

If the goal of conversion optimization is to get donors to say “yes,” than the goal of optimizing average gift size is to get donors to say “heck yes.” It’s all about learning to communicate with your donors in a way that inspires them to give at a higher level.

The effect that lifting average gift can have on your revenue is clear. If you have more donors giving at a higher level, your revenue will soar. These higher level donors will also be more likely to advocate for your organization.

The following blogs on average gift size optimization will help you learn what strategies, tactics, and messages you can test to help inspire your donors to give more to the cause of your organization.

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