47.4% lift How Emphasizing Value Proposition Increased Clickthrough Rate

Date Added: July 24, 2020 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Name Acquisition Design, Name Acquisition Copy

One of the landing pages serving as an entry point for Adventures in Odyssey only had the value proposition and call to action for joining at the bottom of the page. Since we were running a free trial during the summer, we wanted to maximize traffic and minimize distraction, giving site visitors a clear path to begin the sign-up process.

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-68.3% drop How the way a content offer is presented at the end of an article impacts name conversion

Date Added: June 22, 2020 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Advertising

On the Focus on the Family website, there is a content offer at the end of each article to people to sign-up for a free video series. The video series is relevant to the content they are reading, uses a picture to show them who the teacher of the video series is, communicates what the video series will help them with, and has a button where people can be taken to a sign-up page to get the offer. This had been running on the site for a while and we hypothesized that we might be able to get more sign-ups by presenting the offer as a sticky bar at the bottom of the page instead of an inline article offer.

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20.3% lift How visually changing the “Give Monthly” button impacts traffic to the donation page

Date Added: June 22, 2020 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Advertising

On the Focus on the Family website, they present two options for people to give, "Donate" and "Give Monthly". We hypothesized that we could increase traffic to the monthly donation page by visually setting off the "Give Monthly" button. To do this, we created a subtle animation on the "Give Monthly" button that used a heart icon that pulsed once and the effect would then ripple across the rest of the button. We split the traffic 50/50 and ran this experiment across the website's entire navigation.

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66.8% lift How adding a resource call-to-action button impacts donor conversion on the broadcast page

Date Added: May 7, 2020 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Advertising

Focus on the Family gets significant traffic to their general broadcast page. This page shows people all of the available broadcasts they can hear/watch. Through previous testing, we learned that we could increase the number of people getting to the specific episode pages by adding a clear CTA to "watch this episode" on the general broadcast page. Knowing that every episode has a resource connected to it, we wanted to test the CTA idea we used increase the number of people watching the episodes to the resources as well. We developed a treatment that presented a CTA button on every episode featured on the general broadcast page that said, "Get today's featured resource". That button clicked through to the specific episode page and anchored to the resource.

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-6.3% drop How adding an email field to a prayer request offer impacts conversion

Date Added: April 14, 2020 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Name Acquisition Form

On the Missionary Oblates prayer request page, they offer people the opportunity to send in prayer requests. They see thousands of requests come in every week. Because of this and the engagement they see, they were curious if they could acquire email addresses for these people without discouraging people from sending in prayer requests. They added the email field as an option on the page and test this against the control.

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20.7% lift How a free trial offer affected clickthrough conversion rate

Date Added: March 26, 2020 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Name Acquisition Copy

Focus on the Family had a page on their site to encourage online visitors to learn more about their Adventures in Odyssey Club audio stories for kids and families. While there was some copy included on the page to introduce the program and build interest/awareness, they were seeing low click-through rates from viewers and wondered if page visitors were 1) entirely missing the CTA, 2) uncertain about going to a website called "WhitsEnd" since this is a reference to a place/character on the program, which would not be familiar or clear to new visitors, or 3) unclear about what action to take next once they visited the "WhitsEnd" website. They wondered if offering a free trial with a bold call-to-action would provide more straightforward value and eliminate any confusion about what site visitors were clicking on. They created a treatment of the page that presented the 14-day free trial offer in a clear way with a big CTA button. They added bullet points to the copy with additional value prop—outlining the benefits of the free trial so that site visitors would know exactly what to expect—and tracked click-through rates.

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24.5% lift How presenting the donation page as the homepage during a year-end campaign can impact donor conversion

Date Added: March 20, 2020 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Donation Page Design, Donation Page Headline

Focus on the Family wanted to test into a new, more radical way, to increase donor conversion during the final days of their year-end campaign. They hypothesized that presenting the donation page itself as/on the homepage might help achieve their goals. To do this, they put a redirect in place for 50% of their traffic on the last two days of the year that showed their year-end donation page instead of their normal homepage. The redirect would only show on a person's first visit, it would include a search bar at the top of the page to allow people to still be able to search the Focus site, and even presented an exit-intent pop-up that linked to the most trafficked pages within their site in case people were looking for something in particular - outside of making a gift.

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-43.3% drop How the minimum gift amount asked on a recurring pop-up impacts overall revenue

Date Added: October 31, 2019 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Donation Page Form

Focus on the Family had seen significant success acquiring new recurring donors through the popup recurring gift ask. The popup was a window that would appear, prior to a gift being processed, that asked the donor to convert their one-time gift into a recurring gift. We had done several iterations of experiments on the value proposition used on the prompt but seen limited success in increasing the conversion rate. With this in mind, we decided to instead see if we could increase the average recurring gift amount by increasing the minimum donation ask. We were trying to determine the price elasticity of the minimum gift ask. In this situation, we would potentially lower the donor conversion rate but lift overall revenue by significantly increasing average gift.

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10.7% lift How bringing clarity to a donation form impacts donor conversion

Date Added: October 28, 2019 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Donation Page Form

On the primary donation page for Focus on the Family, we hypothesized that we could bring clarity to the giving process on the actual donation form. To test into this we developed a treatment that broke the giving process into steps and conversationally communicated to the prospective donor what it is that they were supposed to do at each step. 

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51.3% lift How presenting an offer to people based on what they consume impacts conversion on parenting articles

Date Added: September 22, 2019 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Advertising

Focus on the Family has done significant testing within the articles on their website. From testing the kind of offer to the placement of the offers, they have optimized and continue to optimize the conversion opportunities on the articles pages for the significant volume of traffic. Most recently they learned that presenting people a premium/book at the end of the articles, that readers could receive by giving a gift of any amount, had the most significant impact on donor conversion. To continue to test into this learning, they hypothesized that presenting people with a targeted offer based on their engagement on the Focus on the Family website might increase donor conversion. Focus identified the top premium offers based on what is most requested and the kind of content that people read and consume from their site and offered premiums that closely aligned with those topics. This approach was tested against offering people one single premium offer. We ran this experiment and found that a significant portion of the traffic on the article pages were either first time visitors to the Focus website, or this was the first article they consumed from Focus. This audience was not receiving targeted content offers based on cookies. Because of this, 68% of the donations from the treatment results had been receiving the single content offer/premium. 

After discovering this we wanted to re-test this approach with targeted content offers based on the current article they are reading. This small nuance to the experiment is critical in knowing whether a targeted content offer based on the kind of content people consume helps increases donor conversion. 

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